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Resume Do Don’ts and ‘s – Therapist. 1

Within the addiction classification we have eight fellowships – NA (Narcotics Anonymous), AAA (All Addictions Private), California (Cocaine Anonymous), CDA (Chemically Dependent Unknown), CMA (Crystal Meth Anonymous), MA (Pot Private), Co-Anon (for friends and family of addicts), Nar-Anon (for family and friends members of addicts),and NicA (Nicotine Anonymous). This is followed by the three within the gambling addiction category containing GA (Gamblers Anonymous), Gam-Anon/Gam-A-Teen (for buddies and groups of problem gamblers), and OLGA (On Line Gamers Unknown). Then there are the eight sex and gender addiction fellowships comprised of SAA (Sex Addicts Anonymous), COSA (Codependents of Sex Addicts), SLAA (Gender and Love Addicts Anonymous), COSLAA (CoSex and Love Addicts Unknown), SA (Sexaholics Anonymous), S-Anon (spouses and household members of sexaholics), SCA (Sexual Compulsives Anonymous), SWA (Sex Employees Confidential), and SIS (Intercourse Market Heirs). These are Dep-Anon (Depressed Confidential), DDA (Dual-Diagnosis Private), DRA (Dual Recovery Unknown), NAIL (Neurotics Private), OCA (Obsessive Compulsive Anonymous), SA (Schizophrenics Anonymous), SMA (Self-Mutilators Anonymous), MASSAGE (Social

Phobics Anonymous), California (Workaholics Anonymous), CLA (Clutterers Anonymous), DA (Individuals Private), and SA (Spenders Anonymous). They are ABA (Anorexics and Bulimics Unknown), CEA (Compulsive Eaters Unknown), EAA (Eating Addictions Unknown), EDA (Eating Disorders Private), FA (Food Lovers in Retrieval Confidential), FAA (Food Addicts Anonymous), GSA (GreySheeters Anonymous), and OA (Overeaters Anonymous). These are Phase 9 (Couples in Retrieval), CoDA (Co-Dependents Private), EA (Sensations Anonymous), EHA (Mental Wellness Confidential), FA (People Unknown), RCA (Retrieving Couples Anonymous), and SIA (Survivors of Incest Confidential). – To illustrate the ability of the 12 Steps as well as their adaptability in app to a large variety of problems. Can there be a TAA (Television Fans Anonymous)? How about a DiabetAnon (Diabetics Unknown) or a CPA (Couch Potatoes Nameless)? Could you imagine of a few more?